Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wuhuu:D apa khabar? ni hao ma? how'r you?HAHAHA.

on thurs we got photo taking...we'r asked to go down..then suddenly teacher said she dun want to take i dunno what the reason..thenn after that went back to class..then have some lesson then on the 8th period we go down again..tis time our assistant teacher not we go rights?going down and up again..and so last period we finally take a photo..dunno how the pic will look like..ugly?..hope i look nice in that pic..and we dun really have lesson..just gave back the paperr...ahahaha..everyone go home after that i mean my class pic..coz when we back to class it like almost finish school...

today we got assembly ,and there a fire drill on mon or tues i guess so? :S there will be rtb people coming in.hahaha...then mrs.yee talking on the stage..she said other things than that...then get back some maths i get 25/40 first time get quite high for me..actually i can get 28 like that.just because i noe is that method to use but then i din use instead and also the last page just sub into...and one of the question make me go i keep riting then rubbing ..and i get to proves it it not a waste.. bio still okies..din reallly got study..chemistry ok also.. and physics havent get backk..mib okie also..Soo till here..

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