Wednesday, March 5, 2008

HIi....i dunno what to post..whenever i want to started to get lag like shit..SHEESH..assessment test finish but i kinda worried for the markss.=( haizz...and 2molo there photo taking i guess..i have to put my hair down so it will look more nice? agree..ahahaa..i still remember last year i tied up my hair it look quite messy and so weird like what man..last year magazine the photo so blur and i look so ugly in the magazine i have to change hair stylee for taking a nice photo...

and oh yea 2molo there a dinner at hua huo mall ..i am going..actually i din haf the invitation card but then i using my father fren card since he not going..So yeah.i am looking forward for those stuffs...can get to see people,having fun and etc And so on..

2molo jennifer and jeremy burfday..happi burfday in advanced guys..

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