Saturday, October 13, 2007

ohyea ..last nite after i finish my ttn .i went to have buffet at mall the food so nice ,delicious somemore.i eat quite alot than them (cousin& mum) tot they gonna eat more than me , but hey no okay .my mum col me to eat the side order food .she scare i dunno how to do eat .i do know how to eat .. i eat everiting except some.lazy to stated it down ...

i feel so bloated after drinking the manisan drink there are alot of malay people eating too..and they also have playing drama there ..and also there are 2 people birthday yesterday so coincidence right ?their birthday fall on the same day .both are guys if i am not mistaken .the people have celebrated for them too by playing the birthday song by drum or whichever it is ..if for me i feel so gan dong ,excited (: we eat until 9.+ and went home late I THINK SO??i feel so hungry nowadays due to the holidays cant make myself stop mum said i have gained weight i have put myself on the balanced weight see how much i weight .now 56 .last time is 50 kg i guess .now increased 6 kg .which is lot ..but i also dun care actually..

with much love

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