Thursday, October 11, 2007

9 more days !! so damn fast

last sun i went to eat buffet at ilotus nice the food .so delicious.i kinda eat alot .it worths man ..mum they all take alot of food ,they decided to throw but the workers work at there said if left over food wll be charged for 3.0o for 1 killograms ..we were clever.we put some of the food to our soup ,where we have finish eating our soto .they wont know anyway .. we r clever!! hehe

oh yea ,my parent have ask me to study at jis -jerudong international school ..and yesterday they have interview me .i also have sit exam for that ..which is english and maths ,,one is 1and 30 mins for english .that long but for maths is so damn early 1hrs..some finish some not yet.. and the gurl ask me to stay for 5 hrs...which is not 5 hrs ..2 hrs plus ..damn that girl ..

i just wake up suddenly..i will sleep if i feel sleeply .


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