Friday, November 16, 2012

Haven't been blogging for ages !!! yeah.i am back to blogging world atm..

Supposedly i should be doing do my assignment , but i am feeling so sleepily& Slacking ..i don't even bother to do anything at the moment , but i will do it later!!!

Yeah..feeling very hectic as usual!!!
i am hoping i will get good grade for my assignment *Please* THANK YOU!!!

I am trying not to be stresss...CHILL , everything will be okay!
3 assignment due in JANUARY , HOPE I CAN MANAGE TO DO IT !!!!! JIAYOU!!!, GAMBATEHH!!! 
Parents off to kl again !!!! hopefully by next year i'll be able to travel to europe .Eg like paris , Italy and etc.....Let make it happens...

Overdue Photos

new Flavour , never see this type of chocolate in brunei before =)


                                                                     Fav stationary

                                                                        Cardiff Castle
With BIG BEN at London

                                                         At Universal Studios , Sg =)
                                                                    University View

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