Saturday, March 10, 2012

MELBOURNE TRIP 23/2/12 to 2/3/12

the dress that i bought from victoria market !
pink top! YES

HEYYY!!!! i am so lazy to update actually!!! but i am going to summarise about my melbourne trip!
It was a 7 hours from Brunei to Melbourne!!! our plane was the big one 777.Also been eating quite lot in the plane and watching varieties movie at the same time...

get to buy lot of things once when we were there....went to chinatown coz it is all about foods...the foods there were expensive plate was already $9 equal to brunei money is 10+ !!! gosh!! @~@##!~
the dishes

watching movie on the plane..It was cool actually! As it was 7 Hours Flight !!

bride and bridegroom.and the bride& groom maid

It is a 09 days and 8 nights trip!!! usually we walk from hotel to the shopping area....the shop at there closed early!!!~~ but open early also...

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