Thursday, December 9, 2010

i smell the freedom!

As I say today is the last day of the exam.....freedom till next year feb!!! awesome ryte?? i pray that i will pass and move on to the next semester ! the next semester will be reopen on the valetine day which is 14-2-2011 oh gosh..& chrismtas is coming soon and it the month of december oledyy!!! Hmm~~
i am also going out with my fren tomolo to have lunch then off to mall ,amicion to buy the nail art brush only!!! and the special konad nails whether i am going to buy it or not shud c first...and saturday someone wedding..i am going...since i am so free ...yeay!!!!

and i encounter some problem..hope it goes away from me..god dont treat me like this!!


a nice song..i am going to post up the complete one

and i also know my korean name..ehheehe..신이순신을쳉

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