Sunday, June 27, 2010

sorry for not i am here to update abit...

i dunno what actually happens to myself..i can feel like i want faint at anytime soon..sigh..bad sign...or maybe i sit infront of comp too long and this is what it happens to me ..

someting scarry happens jus now at mall..somemone was fainted at mall....she was very obese...and suddenly fainted..omgness i dun want it to happen on me..i want healthy life ..

and in 3 months i will be 18 soon..time to learn how to drive on the road....i am so gonna be so stress soon....because driving is never easy for me...and u need to parking ,then go on the hill..and brakes or those..sure gonna make me go headache and explode soon i tell U!
my other fren at ns now...and she will be coming back to brunei soon...i miss chatting with her....coz i feel lonely and bored at msn..

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