Friday, May 21, 2010

new album of jay chou released on 18th of may ,2010

his songs very awesome ,good & nice....i listen almost to every of his songs..and now i got all the new songs...thanks alot to my fren who introduce me the website....i actually ask her cause i download from a like got him talking little while...and all i want is just songs....

01. 跨时代
02. 说了再见
03. 烟花易冷
04. 免费教学录影带
05. 好久不见
06. 雨下一整晚
07. 嘻哈空姐
08. 我落泪。情绪零碎
09. 爱的等飞行日记
10. 自导自演
11. 超人不会飞

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