Tuesday, November 17, 2009

words :D

Today woke up so pretty early for godsakes like i am going to school to study like that.because we are gtg 2 practise the song for the graduation day at first but times passes by quickly i tot we are going to rehersal after that but no we have to go the conference room for some briefing thingy. everyone seems talking to their friends ..i myself also feel bored and sleeply it took like 1 hours!!! and we head down to hall i tot we r gonna start rehersal but primary are rehersal-ing
so ours just start at 10 plus until 12 plus am...other class going up to sing but left with my class i tot finish at 11 eh? but then NO!!

and just now teacher put the slide show up showing our self photo and class photo including the other 2 classes .i look so terrible and ugly!! sigh..and then rehersal start like at 10 plus i guess then we all also going up to the stage to get the certificate .i was like heart beating because it is going be the same on the real day..and today is like rehersal-ing and not alot of audience there...but the real day are going to full/pack with people inside the hall..

ps: so happy the font is still in the photoshop..because my bro helps me to format the laptop i tot everyting willl be gone except font..brushes and all those..GONE!! have to re-download...but i am so lazy to do download...i jus found it still inside the program..:D :D but now i seldom use ps..i use photoscape..easier and not so lagging when i open the program..

got new ebuddy for phone to chat . 1.42 and i've downloaded it too..they jus added a new thing call block user from msn usually spam..

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