Saturday, March 1, 2008

quite long i din update my blog..kinda lazy to bloq

1)last sat 16/2/08 ..the chinese chamber celebrate the cny celebration at like half of the people din go .i sit with my mum and cousin.all the food eaten by me coz it like not full the table but it cool ..they have all entertainment and others..i kinda 4get what happens actually ..

2)and last last sun 24 /2 /08 - hokkien association celebrate at icc again..the awards get prizes then got singers.from malaysia i guess..she shake hand with everyone below there..coz it like full with people..and my mum bought the cd with free cd of her own song the singer song and we get signature from her and it now on the cd.ahaha..hmm..that time go back quite early ..

3)oh last wednesday hsbc celebrate at icc again..the 3rd time going fun but bored with the food ..coz it like dj from singapore i guess ..forget ..ehehe..and got lucky draw and guessing song and can get prize and also guess the orange how mani inside one person get coz the total oranges actually 216 .but the person write 217 as my family they write below $200 and also the last one was guessing the prize of all the maggie ,samsung the speaker and alot of ting which they put on the table and one of the young man get it..the actual price $888 pluss.i was tinking of that amount.coz cny $888 represent as fa ..mean got luck yeah.. and going home early also that time..coz next day got work and school..

4)today baiduri bank celebrate at riqzun restaurant.saw some familiar people again.ahaha..the food same and they invite one of the guy and woman tok about funny ta hann ..everyone was like clapping hand and all that..ahaha..really ..hmm..anyways end here.but i love 2nite..especially the jokes..

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