Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i bought the diamond stickers for my jaya jst cost me $3.50 got $5.00 ,$4.00 ..i take $3.50... so yeah..=D.... my fone got the screen protector ..but i still put..ehee.for fun...ppl thought i gia lung buang [in hokkien version].mean throw money in (eng version) again.i din ahahaa..i jus want put nia laa..HEHEHE. if one day the protector not good..the diamond stickers will also gone..ahaha...

i'm loving my fonee..hope the screen protector wont turn out badly one day..but those tings cant tahan for so long..and hope my cousin wont ask me why i put the bling tingi..when i even put the screen protector on sat nite coz one of my cousin gonna married to someone..well a guy la..congrats ..

Moving ,i din buy some junk food for myself..coz i was busying jaya buy the bling tingsi almost 4get.coz i see at mall so expensive eventhough same shop i mean the cindy shop especially mall selling for $5.00 .And sunday my parents wont in brunei..they flying to aussie.will not be in brunei for 1 week.i gonna miss them ..:D

ba end here..
love <3

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