Saturday, February 2, 2008

5 more days to go
It a big day counted as in my lifee i can get to visit to cousin house which i have been almost do every year during cny .usual thing to do in the early morning..but of coz have to go to grandpa house father side onee first.i bought a dress yesterday cousin come and pick me and mommy go see dress as she(my cuz)want see also .so sun bian coz my mum want see dress..she wants to wear it during first day of cny..but there doesnt any of the suitable for her she keep complains that she wanted dress that covered the hand and my cousin bought two dresses.we also been to other shop and see ,meanwhile i also bought one for mee now i got 5 totally but jus 2 dress other shirt...i also saw my frens she with her mum then after that went back to that for yesterday ..

today noting as usual..i m off ..i feel tired .

picture i will upload other days..coz now the photobucket took long time to upload it ..screww.=(

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