Wednesday, December 19, 2007

acting cute

last nite i chat with barry...then i called him to pose..he pose a sad face out ..then i print screen of him..ahhaha... and u can see i was laughing like siao people.

in year 2007
-i m 15
-finish pmb
-have been to hongkong /china/singapore..just 3 days
-din bought anything new just same old type of things.sad right?.huh..hahaa
-went out with frens.. last few week .not long time ago..
-finish lower secondary ,but not yet finish school..ahhah..
i dun know what i have done in year 2007 ..
5 more days to christmas eve
25-merry christmas.(we din celebrate that)
12 more days to new year eve..
chinese new year..i havent know yet.probably on the year of february..well..that quick fast from now..
ba..end at here..
lots of love from
wanna be your lover dun wanna be your friend.

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