Tuesday, December 25, 2007


last nite i spend my christmas eve with parents and cousins...it was fun and abit bored the food are just great i eat quite alot ..there are just live band and lucky draws .abit bored ,yes right? got some hot music and some slow music sing by those people who playing band ..when comes to hot music there are already one ppl dancing .then my mum also follow follow by my auntie .they dance abit then when back to the place .my mum even requested some hot music but i prefer the first music .then come with the sec dance the first gurl who dance already ,she was very addict to the dance i guess..she invites my mum to dance ..and nobody dancing too..and just two of them...lame ?and i was kinda sleeply that time abit bored coz the music not that hot is just normal .ahaha. then we went back to home at 11.00..and last nite i wear kinda very weird dress...i also got abit stomachache blame to the food that i eat ..i still remember last time i ate ..i also got stomachache too....i eat quite alot .i know that ..and new year eve i still dunno which place i m going..coz my father friend asking they also preparing at ilotus with 70 of phillipinos and asking us going ..and us not that more than 20 person going .my auntie said" we will come back with phillipinos face and become phillipinos..that quite right ..AHAHAHA.=P!

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