Friday, December 14, 2007

kelly turnn xP

bahhh kelly here hahahah ~ got visit my blog yeahh xP and and btw heyy shinyii =) hehehhe .. welcome back to brunei !! HAHAH ~ so late i just blog and say tht .. pifft ~ anyways erhmm i'm bored so decided to post a blog in yourss =) hmm love the pics hahah cute kitty even your brother says that HAHA ~ and love the shoes (L) .. xP bah bah

hmm lets point out some of the ideas to say here .. i know im not allowed to talk craps here but im allowed to do tht in mine HAHAHA ! go look its full of craps HAHA ~ well well well .. soo i'm gonna miss you shinyii ~ hehe tmr me flying or going to china for vacation .. and i know its in the mid of dec but heyy also can wad ahahhah ~ cant blog mine nor blog yours or tag the taggie hehe ~ but you try blog or post in mine sometimes too yea. .. so tht it doesnt seems tht one week my blog is sooo dying xP lolss.. mind the broken english HAHAH !! .. xP well i think thts it for now. =) byee
♥ blehZ took it from youu HAHA .. sry
;lotss of

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