Saturday, December 22, 2007

HALO almost christmas eve and christmas two are the same tings so enjoy till the fullest guys and also new year eve which is on the 31th.

just now i went out with friend go eat then jalan jalan with her better than staying at home.she bought me earrings from sibu i think xD..and i told her i din pierce my ears then she also wonder how come i never wearing earrings before.she gives me three of it..she bought quite lots of things as me i din bought anything.i just accompany her ..and today is tang yuan day a circle with someting filling tastes nice too but this year i din eat any of it .coz i feel like dun want eat wah ..

i havent bought any books for next year .i probably study at cs class and i know i wont study at science class it abit stress than in cs and my result arent that good too and i havent collect my magazine and result slip see it almost school reopen maybe i collect at that time. father dun want take it for me.he wants me take myself !! so till now i havent even take yet..hehehe..=D!

and last few days i was webcaming with barry kinda funny though we act sad ,crazy and more things and see the screenshot in the past few day that i post..
ok till here..byebye
lots of loves

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