Monday, November 19, 2007

HALOHA! this fri go singapore...we only spend some hours at singapore ..and we also go to the harbour ship big ship in singapore.we are staying at there probably..i am gonna bring camera ,phones and other thing that needed i hope everything went smoothly..yesterday i went mall with mum ,bro we went home kinda very late.coz my auntie and mum were talking with friend at foodcourt ..i was very bored and feel sleeply want go into the arcade to find bro but alot of people i rather stay outside..and bro was like calling to my fone as i was at the foodcourt when he went out from arcade ..then i off the call then quickly called him if not he will finding us till very =,=...

i bought choki choki chocolate.the big pack .pocky chocolates..and skittless[sp?] i feel fat :D HAHA.finish buying thing went home .took bath then headed of to some restaurant malay restaurant eat.then went to buy nasi katok ...and shop for a while at skh ..then went home after that..yesterday stayed at mall very long but quite fun coz time pass very fast..

yeah i blog quite lot man but with broken english :D

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