Wednesday, November 7, 2007

finally i change my layout,look more nicer abit la.=) and also i havent sleep yet.not really tired ..yesterday i sleep very early coz very tired la.that why lor..i also bought keropokk last night and chocolatess ,yumminess- and ice-cream <3>suckyy at this moment :) grrr...tot will be more much nice than morange and mig33 ,those two i cant use anymore.1) forget the username.2)so sasak.cant connected..damn bloddy shitt.:@

today i go soon lee bought bro easyway :D i dint bought for my self..i miss drinking it though ..coz i jus have eaten ice-cream just now so full la.but yummy BLEHZZ :P i also update my fs .i use photoshop to do glad . HMM:) want to upload picture using photobucket..but take up a long time to finish .damn i better go now :) good night ..

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