Thursday, November 15, 2007

currently very bored =) i jus download jay chou's song .one is done.other still download-ing. thebest song .lalala=p! oh yea..kelly blog at mine ..while i blog at hers last nite .so fun kaliah.

no more tv at my sad is that ? i cant stay till late .. i will be very boredd this time..
hm. 2-12-07 .i might going to hongkong ,and other places at hongkong eg shang hai and etc ..coz we followed by harlem tours miri ..the boss is now currently finding the seats.she said 2 places are waiting lists mean there might people going or not going..other 7 is seats..and my father said if the 2 seats got ppl mean me and my bro not need go.coz when we grow bigger..only go ..i hope there is no any ppl taken the seat..i want to go now.not when i big.
now let older people enjoy sad is that.

byebye <3
much love ;;shinyi

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