Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i m here blogging again..i jus finish exercising at my home.i do only 15 mins then stop ..instead of going to jogging at tasek lama which i long time never go to there anymore...i think one day i will go to there probably ..
and yesterday i chating with barry i ask him about the how to add many song into playlist (someting like that la),he teach like 30 mins like that i still couldn't get what he mean hahaa..i am quite blur ..he also told me that he would do for me today.but i still dont saw him online yet .maybe having exam at afternoon?

and today i wake up quite late at 12+ .i sleep like pig.WAHHAHA:D
i want easyway:D :D :D
i also have create a blog at
new layout again.i know barry might asking why i keep changing layout..i find it nice so just change it.. but now the layout featuring about those i dunno wht called..all guys .

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