Sunday, September 9, 2007

back to blogging time ..

ya.. yesterday my friend celebrate her burfday earlier at ideal restaurant was realli full after eating ,her actual birthday is on 11 of september which is on tuesday yeserday i attend her burfday everyone greet her and give her present ..i was so embarrased because i havent give her yet . but when we go to mall le ..we go walk walk and search for present my other friend buy for her mum .while i buy for my friend then i gave to her so cheap the present coz my mum ask me not need to buy so expensive things .cheap is enuff.i hope her dun mind .=) and i also meet someone else ..kelly u shud know hu ryte .ahahaa.dun said it out ..and we went to arcade play sing song ..soo nicee ..

pictures times ..

at ideal -friend burfday.

sumwhere else trying to be so vain.ahhaa.

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