Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a quick post ;
i dont blog for several days .count ,count,count, 3 days liao..

today we FORM 3 students are asked to go to hall , coz someone from moe is having a moltivation talk about how to become a success person..so we stayed in hall for 1hrs plus .i feel so freaking cold when i was at the hall..and there also some activities going on ..overall is quite fun>.<>

and sun i went to mall again ,then went to bingo .it was on upstair and we always went to that place and stayed at there for so long hours . my mum bought skirts ,she said is nice and she wanna col me to try ,but i don't want ,then at last she bought it ,i say i dun wan arh..coz is like very shine ,i feel like not interested in that kind of skirts..and my mum friend who working at there ,say those burfday coming soon must fill in form and they will make a card someting like that la ,after it finished then whoever buy i mean will got discount but outsiders canot use i think and also my cousin burfday was on monday which was yesterday ..so whenver we buy someting from there will got discount if more than 3 it will take the most expensive price and calculate it as discount 30% if remain as 3 objects it will calculate 50% ,coz mum bought bag,skirts and others and i also bought one wallet is 4 already ,unfortunately i have to take my wallet out .i feel so moodless that time , but still got chance again,will wait ,

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