Wednesday, June 6, 2007

what i have do today.

i want to make it till 10 .but u see ,until 4
  1. tuition
  2. playing computer
  3. help mom wash kuai eh.?!?!
  4. i dunno what i have do.seriously..and i feel boreddd ..

alright tomolo's my friend burfday. karen nisah burfday..

happi burfday hope ur wishes will becume true .hugs

and yesterday's jus so weird my room air-conditioner suddenly switch off i-dunno-what had happened so i told my father , at first father is going to repair by himself .after doing it still can't because he dun haf the white thing that is inside the power of the aircond. so father called his friend to came to repair .it is okies after that .then when time struck at 9 .00 .i want to turn my air-cond to high.then it suddenly switch off.n stop by i feel so a bit scared.hehee..actually i watch tv outside the living then went to my parent room since both of them'r out because their room got air-cond and is so cool best to sleep .so i decide to watch tv at their room suddenly i fall asleep till 10.50+ parent's went back home .so i told father ,the aircond power suddenly switch father repaired it back now is currently working back but not as cool as my parent room air-cond ..and holiday is approaching . not soo looking forward for it ..because we have extra class starting on the next monday till thursday.the next week is monday till wednesday i guess .so this isnt called a holiday for me .quite a long post .

shinyi ;p

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