Saturday, June 9, 2007

we got cleaning campaign as i have say in my latest post
i dont help alot .i jus wipping the window that all
then i head off to toilet then friend say want to go to canteen so we go lor ,talk talk and i dont bring money coz i m so hungry that time='( .then 10.45 go up to classes ,then take bag n go sayonara ..

alright ,3 more hours .i can't wait for it ..
&i wonder why i canot copy& paste the code onto here using photobucket ..


see .what's that ? is a pimple =(

as usual vain .hehehe.

nice.yesh no?

1 more hours to go i haven't change my shirt ..wohoo.i guess i'm going to bring camera and take pics ..and vain-ing inside the toilet .then upload onto the friendster& here ..

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