Tuesday, May 29, 2007

new tagboard whee =D .
yesterday i have change the layout code which i have taken it from blogskins usual place cause i dunno how to create own skins that why , but when i want to put the code of the tagboard n nothing appear after that so i decide to change& everything is solved& complete now ..

today sas-ians school go home early 11.45 & tomorrow because of the sports event and track heats ,as in me i didnt participate in any event because i'm lazy + i don't really like sports and tomolo is sas non uniform day ..i don't join so i have to wear uniform.n no pe tomolo? i seriously dunno ..dun care about that one ..and thursday no school yapeee!

old computer

newest .father bought it quite a long time ago .it a lcd compter btw

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